14 November 2018

Supplier Spotlight: Out Landish Shellfish Guild

Having fresh, high quality products makes for easier work in preparing a menu of delicious dishes. Knowing our ingredients are grown and managed with care is essential to trusting their excellence.

Out Landish Shellfish Guild offers hand-picked, hand-dug, hand-strung and “Far and away the best!” oysters, clams, mussels and scallops on the west coast. Comprised of eight individual family-run shellfish farms in and around the Discovery Islands (off the west coast of Vancouver Island, between Vancouver Island and the mainland), Out Landish offers sustainably-farmed shellfish handled by experienced growers and pickers.

British Columbia is the leading oyster-producing province in Canada, and shellfish enterprises run a big industry here with a lot of large commercial operations. Because of its concentration in certain areas (and the network of ecosystems in general), the health of shellfish aquaculture has many implications for the well-being of marine environments has a whole. That’s why having having a shellfish source committed to providing the absolute highest quality products grown in small-scale, Ocean Wise-approved conditions is a must, for our standards, for our guests and for the environment.

For the past number of years we have sourced and served oysters, mussels, clams and occasionally sea urchin and scallops in the shell from Out Landish. "They’re so easy to work with", says Chef Barr, noting his appreciation of the knowledge and passion they have for the work they do. And, he adds, “they are also just good ol' fashion awesome people!” We are so grateful to have developed a relationship and to continue to support the good work this company does. You must come and taste it for yourself!

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