13 June 2023

Talent Profile: Executive Chef Clayton Fontaine

Exciting changes have been brewing in the kitchen as of late, with our former Sous Chef Clayton Fontaine recently stepping into his new role as Executive Chef here at The Pointe Restaurant. Born and raised in Abbotsford, the allure of the West Coast has always drawn Clayton in. After a brief period away, he found himself returning to the remarkable bounty the coast has to offer and loves every aspect of his time here.

Chef Clayton studied the culinary arts at the Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver and has spent the last decade gaining diverse experience in everything from casual fare to fine dining. Balancing innovation with familiarity, his passion for storytelling through food brings dishes that feel both fresh and approachable. Redefining the fine dining experience to encompass sustainability, with local ingredients as the focal point, is incredibly important to Chef Clayton, and on the West Coast, there is no shortage of unique ingredients to play with.

Building close relationships with the many foragers, farmers, mushroom pickers, and fishermen that supply The Pointe Restaurant is something that Clayton truly values. He feels that this symbiotic relationship is a truly special one. Suppliers bring ingredients at the height of their seasonality and in turn, the kitchen incorporates and showcases them in a way that inspires the whole team creatively as well.

At the helm, Chef Clayton’s leadership style is intentional and consistent. He places great emphasis on continuous learning and cultivating a supportive, collaborative environment. He shares that the standard operating procedure when he first started cooking was fairly dismissive in very intense environments. Personal struggles were often brushed under the rug. Since then, there has been a crucial shift in the industry as a whole to start acknowledging the importance of mental health and the stress management of hospitality industry workers. This change in the tides is one that Chef Clayton is passionate about and focuses on incorporating within his own leadership.

Beyond the kitchen, Chef Clayton strives for a healthy work-life balance, with a focus on fitness, staying active in the great outdoors and training at the gym. He also tries to keep his cute (albeit slightly rambunctious) hairless cats, Irving and Mozart, out of trouble.

See Chef Clayton's video here!

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