20 July 2019

Tripping Further Afield in Tofino

For this Tofino edition of [Further Afeild Trips] FAT, we asked Carmen Ingham, Executive Chef of The Pointe Restaurant at the Wickaninnish Inn, to give us the scoop on where he likes to eat, drink and hang out around town…

Good morning! Let’s take a walk/hike in nature before it gets too hot. Where should we go?

Whether or not its your first time to the area, Long Beach Nature Tours offers lots of options that will teach you a ton about the area as well as how to keep your time in the woods and on the beach as low impact as possible.

Is there somewhere along the way we can stop for coffee?

Tofino Coffee Company roasts their beans on site and is often a lot more mellow than the shops in town. Bonus points for being next to Summit Bakery.

Now we’re starving! Where should we eat lunch?

My daughter and I are suckers for Shed burgers.

If it was the weekend, where would we be eating brunch?

Skip the eggs and pack the supplies for a picnic brunch. Picnic Charcuterie is the place to sort out your meat and cheese game.

We’ve got some free time for an afternoon adventure. What do you suggest we do?

Its very well known that Tofino is a surf town, but on the other side of the peninsula and through the islands there’s amazing kayaking too. Check out Paddle West Kayaking for the best guides.

That was fun! Now we need a pick-me-up plunge in some cool water. Can you let us in on your favourite nearby place to cool off in?

The ocean is too cold for most sane people to actually swim in. Kennedy Lake is just a bit past the junction and benefits from being just out of the fog zone.

Where should we head for a post-adventure drink? Give us one for beer, one for a glass of wine, and one for a cocktail..

Go to where the beer is made to drink beer. For a glass of wine, the new cellar at the Pointe Restaurant can’t be beat. For a cocktail, Wolf in the Fog is a solid choice.

Now we’re hungry again. What’s the plan for dinner?

Top Chef Canada winner Paul Moran always has a solid menu as well as some impressive guest chef dinners happening down at 1909 Kitchen.

Any tips on a good spot to take in the view and watch the sun go down?

Really any beach will do just fine, but if you’re feeling adventurous, on the hills on top of Cox Bay. Bring a headlamp and be careful!

It’s time to catch some shut-eye, where do you suggest we stay?

The ideal trip to Tofino would start with camping and end with a few nights at The Wick.

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