Our Culinary Philosophy

Discover hand-harvested kelp, sustainable seafood and foraged greens. We celebrate the unique and seasonal offerings from the seas, forests and coastline of the West Coast in our cuisine. Executive Chef Clayton and his team redefine the fine dining experience by balancing innovation with familiarity and storytelling through dishes that feel modern yet approachable.

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Chef holding fresh carrots

Tofino Culinary Guild

The Pointe Restaurant is a founding member of The Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild (TUCG). Many of our ingredients are sourced through this non-profit organization that connects Vancouver Island food producers, fishers, and foragers with local businesses.
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Foraging knife and mushrooms on a bed of moss and ferns

Meet Our Local Vendors

Sourcing locally has been a focal point since our inception. We employ deliberate sustainability practices and responsible food choices in the partners we work with and the seasonal ingredients we choose to feature.
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Howard's wine cellar at night with wine glasses and candles on the long table

Celebrating Sustainably

Our menus evolve daily as we uncover new ingredients and challenge ourselves to learn about sustainable cuisine. We are proud members of TUCG and Get Wild and we enjoy hosting events for World’s Ocean’s Day, Sustainability & Wine and Food for Change.
Various summer cocktails with seasonal ingredients

BC Wine and Cocktails

Within Howard’s wine cellar, we choose to feature predominantly regional producers and small growers who prioritize sustainable methods. Our cocktails take a creative turn behind the On the Rocks bar, showcasing fresh seasonal ingredients paired with alcohol from numerous local distilleries.
Howard's Wine Cellar
Chef Clayton picking beach peas

Stewardship at the Wick

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and are passionate about integrating sustainability into our daily practices. We empower all of our teams to be innovative, curious and contribute to our community.
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